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Join global banks in licensing Bud's open banking platform & intelligent financial service marketplace.

Banks and their users

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What we do

Bud is the first open banking-based business to focus on creating value both for consumers and for the financial institutions we work with.

Building on top of Bud's aggregation, data enrichment and marketplace services helps companies to capitalise on the opportunity of open banking, either by licensing our tech, or distributing their products as part of our intelligent marketplace.

Why companies choose to work with us

We understand what is needed to work with large organisations:


We have a proven track record of working with large organisations. An impressive roster of global banks – such as HSBC and Goldman Sachs – back our team, tech and vision for the future infrastructure of finance.


Our security is trusted by global financial institutions. Bud maintains best-in-class security practices across the whole platform, and our strict data ethics framework protects customers by ensuring their interests are always put first.


Businesses can leverage our ‘start-up’ speed. From the moment a contract is signed, Bud’s technical implementation lifts off. Comprehensive API docs, straightforward implementation and dedicated support enables businesses to get to market faster.


The platform turns Open Banking into an opportunity for both businesses and their customers

Trusted by the world's leading institutions

Bud is trusted by the world's largest banks to help capitalise on the opportunity of open banking

The most complete open banking platform

Aggregation and data enrichment are just the beginning of the platform's capabilities. Our marketplace enables businesses to generate purposeful insights and connect their customers to a variety of products in the most intelligent way.


Our news blog covers developments in Open Banking and its impact on consumers' lives. For more information on how we're building Bud, check out the engineering blog

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