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No more guess work.

The quickest and clearest way to understand your money

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Get the full picture.

Having all your accounts on one screen makes managing your money easier. Spend less time trying to figure out your money and more time enjoying life.

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Where’s your money going?

Add Bud’s smart layer to your data and find out.

  • True Balance: Your cumulative balance across all accounts
  • Categorisation: Identify where your money is going
  • Spending patterns: See when your money comes out and budget better
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No more apps, no more tabs.

Bud links all financial services in one place

  • Smart Search: Find solutions to all your financial needs
  • Aggregated: Seamlessly use world-leading services within Bud
  • Product Discovery: Personalised financial service education
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Multi Layered Security.

Bud uses proprietary security systems to keep your data safe.

Military Grade Encryption

Bud uses 256Bit+ encryption. Better than bank security

Multi-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security using top rated app Authy

Login Pattern Detection

Suspicious activity monitoring, with notifications

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Don't guess, use Bud.

Simple, effective and free

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