Frequently Asked Questions

General inquiries

What is Bud?

Bud is a plug and play financial services platform. What that means is, we connect multiple financial products together in one place. Back in 2015, we wanted to give people the experience of using one app that could leverage all of the companies in the financial space. So, expect to be able to link your bank accounts, credit cards, rewards schemes, savings, investments, insurance, currency exchange services and digital mortgage brokers into one app.

Who is Bud for?

Customers: If you use online banking or other financial services online then Bud will be right up your street. We designed it to be friendly for everyone, from the financial inexperienced to people who are confident with their money.

Banks: Bud is a fully white label solution that banks can use to create better experiences in their digital channels. If you’d like to work with us get in touch.

How do I sign up?

That’s the easy bit. Just click the button at the top right of this page and you can get started. We will just need your email address and a few details to secure your account, like phone number and age.

How does it work

Bank account aggregation

To view your bank and credit card balances on Bud you will need to log into your accounts. You will need your username and password for this service. Once you select your account, there are two ways to link your bank and credit card accounts to Bud: ‘automatic’ and ‘manual’. Linking manually means you will need to enter your username and password to each account every time you want to refresh your balance. By selecting to refresh your balances automatically we will save your details and log you into your services when you sign into Bud.

Do you use third party software

Bud is built on proprietary technology and we don’t use third parties for any of our account aggregation.

How do you link services together

Bud uses API (application programme interface) technology to create the experience of our centralised hub. APIs allow for the safe and secure passing of data between two systems.

How does Bud make money?

Bud may offer suggestions for products and services like credit cards, mortgages, pensions, investments etc which may help you save or make money. If you select a product based on our suggestion, Bud may receive a fee from the product provider.

Account help

I’m having trouble with my account

If you are having some issues with your account you can either use the in-app or web feedback button and we will deal with your feedback as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can email [email protected].

Where do I go to complain?

If you have a complaint please email [email protected].

I have forgotten my password

Not to worry, in both the app and the web you can reset your password by clicking ‘forgotten your password’ or ‘reset password’ online and in-app respectfully.

I want to add a service that isn’t listed on Bud

It’s great you want to add more services. We are adding new services all the time, but you can let us know a specific company using the in-app and web feedback button.

I want to delete my account

It will be sad to see you go. But if you’d like to delete your account you need to email [email protected]. From here we will delete your account and all data associated with it.

Terms and Privacy

You can find our terms of use here, and our privacy policy here.