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The FCA has issued a call for input on the future of Open Finance. It's important for fintechs to get involved in shaping this key initiative so we're publishing our draft response here. 

You can use it to help shape your own or simply sign ours before the 15th March and we'll submit your name alongside ours.



Open Finance has the potential to help a huge number of people

When it comes to fixing well defined problems like the loyalty penalty and the poverty premium, a people-first Open Finance regime could have a huge impact. The FCA is currently consulting on how to shape an Open Finance regime and we believe that the fintech community should have a strong voice in that process. 

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What's going on?

The FCA published its call for input on Open Finance back in December. The document seeks input on a range of topics ranging from the completion of Open Banking, to the benefits, risks and regulatory framework for Open Finance.

At Bud we're working with representatives from across the fintech spectrum to create a draft response that - we hope - makes it easier for fintechs to respond to the consultation either by providing some example answers or by providing a response that fintechs feel comfortable putting their names to. 

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Feel free to use it however you like, whether that's making the process of creating yours easier, or simply signing up to add your name to ours. 

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