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Bud’s marketplace is the ideal place for customers to find new products and services. Bud links over 60 companies into the platform which is used by banks and deployed to their millions of customers.

Integrate your product API and let more customers use your service within the platform. We are building the banking business model of the future, come and join us.

The benefits of partnering with Bud


Bud is a white label solution used by banks, and other institutions, to deliver the marketplace of products to millions of people.


Our rich data set allows us to create deeper and more meaningful understanding of our end users. As a partner, you benefit from these insights, to help service your customers better.

What our partners say

We are always looking for new opportunities to partner with like-minded businesses and our collaboration with Bud will help to promote to consumers that otherwise might not have yet discovered Assetz Capital.

Stuart Law, CEO & Founder, Assetz Capital

The Bud platform helps remove complexity for the user, by allowing quick and effortless management of their online financial services all in one place.

Sally Allan, CMO, Wealthify

Bud has a unique model to deliver their marketplace. By working with banks that share their vision they will increase the distribution of our product and help later-stage adopters make the most from their money.

Rishi Stocker, Head of Partnerships, Revolut

These guys think outside of the box when it comes to revolutionising how people engage with their finances.

Jasper Martens, VP Marketing, PensionBee

Partnering with Bud means we can give users the opportunity to manage their mortgage directly from the Bud, making the process of applying for a mortgage more seamless than ever.

Lawrence Bennett, Head of Growth & Commercial, Trussle

As a platform, Bud is committed to offering clients choice, quality and innovation ensuring they have access to financial products that work for them rather than against them. This is an ethos we share and we’re proud to support Bud on their mission to revolutionise banking.

Alex Arnold, Head of Partnerships, World First

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