Solve all of your customers' financial problems in one place 



  • Home buying

    Home buying

    Identify customers looking to buy a house and help connect them to the right mortgage solution

  • Rent recognition

    Rent recognition

    Identify rent payments and share them with credit reference agencies to help people build credit history

  • Smart spending

    Smart spending

    Help customers find the best deals on products like utilities

  • Insurance

    Intelligent insurance

    Make life easier for customers by cutting the hassle out of insurance decisions

  • Saving for the future

    Saving for the future

    Help people save more effectively by identifying savings opportunities and introducing relevant products

  • Better financial understanding

    Better financial understanding

    Simplify life for customers by bringing all their financial products together in one place providing a complete picture of their money

01 Monetisation Strategy

A monetisation strategy for Open Banking

The smart marketplace allows banks to create a revenue stream by distributing third party products whilst at the same time helping customers to achieve their goals. On the flip side, Fintechs can leverage the scale of the banks user base at a fraction of the cost of traditional acquisition channels

02 Relevant Contextual Experiences

Create relevant, contextual experiences

The marketplace APIs are designed to work alongside Bud's Aggregation and Enrichment services, together enabling a huge step up in the level of context and relevance that can be built into banking apps

03 One Integration One Contract

One integration, one contract

Speed to market is key in the delivery of new services. The marketplace API dramatically shortens onboarding journeys for new partners with a single technical integration, and a single contract governing the use of all third party products.

Developer friendly

Simple, standardised access to all the tools you need to build new financial experiences. Sign up here for access to our API docs.



"recent_transaction": {

"account_id": "5f44d9d6-8de0-4bc7-8db2-c26aea40ed62",

"transaction_id": "7affc586-5600-4434-ac5f-1a845260d7d9",

"transaction_type": "DEB",

"date": "2018-01-01",

"time": "13:56:00",

"transaction_description": "Yorkshire Energy Ltd",

"creditor": {

"name": "Yorkshire Energy",

"address": "1 Old Street, London",

"scheme": "SortCodeAccountNumber",

"identifier": "20202080009000"


"debtor": {

"name": null,

"address": null,

"scheme": null,

"identifier": null


"credit_debit_indicator": "Debit",

"amount": {

"value": "7.75",

"currency": "GBP",

"local_currency": "GBP",

"local_value": "7.75"



"supplier": {

"id": 1234,

"name": "Yorkshire Energy",

"image": "null"


"payment_type": "1 Monthly Fixed Direct Debit",

"available_tariffs": "Green Goose - Fixed Until 30th April 2020"



Security at the heart of what we do

Bud works security-first and takes an industry leading approach to the safety of user data.

All data is encrypted both in transit (as it moves around the platform) and at rest (when it is stored).

Each user's data is encrypted with a unique key and is only decrypted at the point of use by the user. This data cannot be decrypted at any other point, even by Bud.

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