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We’ve built features for Bud that will help you manage all the complexities of your money. From easy to use management tools to straightforward and helpful ways to discover relevant financial services. Bud uses machine learning and data intelligence to help you with all your money decisions.

Growing coverage

Bud is constantly building relationships with financial product providers across the globe. We are already live in the UK, with Spain, USA, Mexico and Australia following shortly.

Work with Bud

Work with Bud

Get Bud in your banking apps.

We have built Bud to be white labelled by finance providers. We work with some of the largest banks in the world to create the most engaging and intelligent banking experiences.

Work with Bud


We work with tier one banks and building societies in the UK. We are helping banks build concierge services using Bud’s proprietary technology.

Work with Bud


The Bud platform is extending to include small and medium business solutions. The ‘Bud for Business’ platform is in development and will include unique insights, business benchmarking, a concierge, and a new marketplace tailored to the needs of business owners.