Changing financial services

Bud is a technology platform that links financial services together. Our technology is used by banks in the UK and Europe and we have over 10,000 beta users helping us to build new features and make banking better.

We're not a bank

We are a tech company based in Hackney. That means we do things a little differently. Our team is comprised of astrophysicists, games developers, music producers, advertisers, fintech experts... and a few high flying finance professionals. We are the type of people that get excited by building the best technology that will drastically change the way people engage with their finances.

We may work with some of the biggest banks in the world but we do it our way. We are always looking for talented people to change the world with us. Check out our careers page.

FoundedJuly 2015
Alpha LaunchNovember 2016

Our Accolades

You’ve read about the importance of being courageous, rebellious and imaginative. These are all vital ingredients in an effective advertising campaign.

Beta programme

Our services are tested with real people. A group of ten thousand highly engaged users who try out our new features before the banks get them. If you want to experience the future of banking before anyone else, request an invite below.