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What is bud?

We started Bud to solve a problem: how do we make banking simple, rewarding and perfectly tailored to everyone, no matter who they are.

By making a platform, where any and all financial apps can be used together, people can customise their financial world. We aggregate banks, technology companies and other financial services so you can pick the solutions that are perfectly suited to your financial needs.


We see security as paramount to your banking experience, we have outlined a few of our many features below.

Bespoke Encryption

We cannot access your data and neither can anybody else. We have engineered the platform to be secure and private.

2 Factor Authentication

We have added an extra layer of security as standard to keep all of your valuable data safe and secure from any potential risks.

Military Grade Security

We secure our site with better than bank security to keep all of your information safe.


We will notify you about your login status. Forget to logout of Bud? No problem. We’ll automatically log you out after five inactive minutes.

Login pattern detection

If there is some strange activity on your account, we’ll notify you right away. And if it's really suspicious, we’ll freeze your account. 


Security, like banking, should be personal. We are working to integrate biometrics which will give you the option to add more levels of security to your Bud account.

Frequently Asked questions

How does Bud make money?

We operate an affiliate model, based on products users sign up to within the marketplace. We either receive a fee when you sign up to a new financial service, via the marketplace or on some products we are paid a ‘commission’ – simply put, a percentage of the fee you are charged by the service provider.

How do I contact Bud?

You can contact the Bud team via the feedback button on the right hand side of the screen or via your console bar while logged in.
Similarly you can email [email protected] or mail our office:
20 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AR.

My bank advises not to provide internet banking credentials to any third party.

Banks rightly encourage their internet banking customers to be careful to prevent fraud and to protect their full passwords from misuse. There is a difference between the misuse of passwords however, and using them in a secure environment to allow you to better understand your own data. Bud uses military-grade encryption, unique to you, to protect your data. The transactions and balances shown are data belonging to you, managed by the bank on your behalf. Bud empowers you to unlock your own data by helping you to see a holistic view of your financial world.

Bud never sees your credentials when you link your bank accounts, they are sent directly to your bank using bank-level security. We will only ever ask for what you bank asks for, which for most banks is only certain characters of your passwords.

How secure is my data?

Bud takes security extremely seriously. Every user has their own unique encryption key that is not known to Bud. This key is used to encrypt and decrypt all of their sensitive data. All user keys use military-grade encryption (256-bit+) to ensure the upmost privacy and security for our users.

Where does a product start and Bud end?

Bud is creating a platform in which you will be able to fully control your financial world in one place. This means being able to connect to a number of different providers and accounts. It is important to note that although you are using these products and services through the Bud platform it will be the product providers that are responsible for the service you use. For example, if you create an account with a foreign exchange provider on Bud and something unexpected happens with that particular company, the liability and customer service would be the product providers responsibility not Bud's. Bud will of course provide contact details in these instances and help our users as best we can to connect you with the product providers.

What is Marketplace / Market+?

Market+ is our name for the Bud Marketplace. It is an area of the site for you to discover new products and services across a range of financial services companies. Market+ introduces companies that can help with; pensions, mortgages, peer-to-peer investments and borrowing, loans, etc. With Market+ you can search, discover, and add a company or product to your personalised dashboard.

How does it work?

Bud partners with all the companies on the Market+ and we simply include their company information on the site. Some companies have more integration on the platform than others, allowing you to interact deeper with that company. For example, send money abroad, take out a loan, lend money etc. We are continuing to integrate deeper with all the companies on the site.

How do I add a company to my Bud dashboard?

Simply search for a product that you are interested in. When you find one, click ‘Add to dashboard’ and you will see it is now in Your Products on your Bud home page. If you are on the services directory page, you will need to click ‘More’ first, which will take you to that companies page within Bud. On that page you will have the option to add to dashboard.

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