Redefining the relationship between people and their money. Futureproof is a podcast, research and event series exploring the real problems, and everyday needs of people and their finances.

The relationship people have with money isn't a simple one. Technology provides us with solutions to problems, but there is a disconnect between the world’s financial systems and the millions of customers who use them. Futureproof combines insight and culture to understand how to make the money part of people's lives simpler.

The podcasts

Jamz Supernova, BBC 1Xtra DJ and presenter of DIY Generation’, invites a series of guests from different walks of life to explore issues that cut across finance and culture. Inspired by six months of research across the whole of the UK uncovering the issues and needs amongst young adults seeking financial confidence.

08 May, 2019

Episode 2: How to have a portfolio career

Mahaneela – a photographer-filmmaker-artist-manager-publisher, a true ‘multi-hyphenate’ – talks to Jamz about new paradigms of flexible work, side hustles and the gig economy.

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24 April, 2019

Episode 1: What is the price of social media?

Jamz talks to authors Katherine Ormerod ('How social media is ruining your life') and Laura Whateley ('Money: A User's Guide') about lives lived through online profiles.

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The report

A six-month study exploring the complicated relationship young adults have with their money. The report features data from over 2000 UK consumers and in-depth insights into how a generation of individuals, largely alienated by the financial industry, approaches the complexities of money.


Issue 001

Young adults

An in-depth report into the lives of young people and their money

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